Actually, it's MRS Tish now (miss_tish) wrote,
Actually, it's MRS Tish now

DreamWIDTH, that is.

Well folks, I'm making the move to Dreamwidth. It's VERY similar to LJ, so the transition is easy. I hope you'll join me there. The name is the same.

I'll still be cross-posting here for a bit, but I plan to make Dreamwidth my new home.

Please comment and let me know if you have a Dreamwidth account so I can follow you.

(Note - as of this entry on 4/8/17, I'm still in the queue to import all of my LJ entries to DW, so there's nothing to see yet. But based on the amount of time it's taking, I get the feeling that a LOT of us are moving over.)
Tags: dreamwidth, livejournal, sticky
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